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Baud Technologies
Support Services Portfolio

At B@UD Technologies our approach to the development of support services is structured and thorough. We understand that both the market and the needs of our clients are constantly evolving … for example, the current economic downturn has sent enterprises around the globe into cost-cutting mode and many CIOs are scrambling to do more with less. Consequently, they are on the lookout for partners that have a comprehensive suite of service offerings and who will allow them to pick and choose between different service levels according to their specific business requirements – and budgets.

In light of these factors, we’ve elected to take a portfolio-approach to the ongoing evolution and development of our IT support offerings. By applying our product lifecycle management capabilities, we are able to constantly refine and tweak our support services to remain responsive and relevant to your unique requirements as well as changing macro-economic trends.

Our suite of IT support offerings currently comprises Uptime Maintenance, Uptime Support, Uptime Proactive and Vendor Direct.

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