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Baud Technologies

A Proactive Approach to Problem Identification and Resolution

B@UD Technologies monitoring services provide real-time pro-active network monitoring ensuring that every component and aspect of your IT environment is constantly scrutinised for performance, availability and reliability. By leveraging the power of Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) technologies, B@UD Technologies is able to accrue significant benefits in terms of cost savings and improved efficiencies on our clients' behalf.

RIM services offer end-users tangible benefits in terms of operational efficiencies and cost optimisation. These services bring with them a significant improvement in service excellence - in other words, end-users are able to enjoy better IT services at a reduced cost. This is due to the fact that IT organisations have historically had a reactive approach to managing their IT environment and remote management involves a pre-emptive approach - sensing events before they actually happen. This empowers us to make sure that problems don't happen within our client's IT operations in the first place.

At B@UD Technologies, we recognise the considerable benefits that our clients can reap by engaging with a partner with expertise in RIM technologies, and we are continuing to make significant investment in enhancing our service capabilities in this area within our own service delivery organisation.

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