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Baud Technologies
Managed Services

Wring the Maximum Return Out of Your Investments in IT

Managing daily IT operational challenges and multi-vendor relationships can be frustrating and time-consuming, depriving you of precious time to focus on what is important. Opting to outsource the management of your entire information and communications technology environment - or parts thereof - to a trusted service provider is a smart alternative.

At B@UD Technologies, managed services is all about helping you to wring the maximum return out of your investments in IT. With a proven track record and a comprehensive suite of managed services offerings, B@UD Technologies is ideally-positioned to assume responsibility for the management of your technology needs to better support your business.

Our managed services offerings are expressly designed to align to our clients' need for a high degree of flexibility in the way they procure IT services.

Our flexible delivery models mean you have options: Should you wish, you can select from our comprehensive suite of standard, pre-architected managed services, which are based on preset parameters, but can be fine-tuned to meet your unique needs. These standard managed services are ideal if you've set your sights on expediting your time to market, are looking for proven delivery, and in some cases, price discounts.

In the event that you require solutions tailored to your individual needs, for example, in situations where specific expertise is required, the solution is highly specialised or there is a unique need / urgency around the requirement, we will partner with you to deliver personalised managed solutions aimed at achieving measurable business results for your long-term competitive advantage.

If you are looking to transfer complete responsibility of the management of an IT function or domain, B@UD Technologies offers IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Services which typically include the transfer of both people and assets to our organisation.

Our managed services expertise spans a broad range of technology domains, including Network Integration, Security, Microsoft Solutions, Converged Communications, Contact Centres and Data Centres and Storage.

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